The art of royal tastes!

Story of NAR

Our story

This story has started millenniums ago. Thousands of sweets, bakery and drinks have been cooked, baked and blended in these lands with the best ingredients and resulted with the best tastes. Somehow different but fundamentally shared traditions accompanied to these great tastes on cooking, baking, roasting, blending and of course in serving. These tastes have been naturally selected in time and they are spread all over the world which are known as Oriental tastes nowadays.

And this story started for us years and years ago; we got so lucky for being raised with these great tastes thanks to our grandparents and also we could have found these tastes in our childhood, on those beautiful days while we play on the streets, from tallymen. From those times, we started being part of this by running behind the tallymen’s sweet carts. And today, we humbly just share this great, unique, marvelous and in the same time common culture and we tremendously desire to be a part of representation of it. Through this way, we are completely aware of our mission and we have a great vision which we work very hard to fulfill to demonstrate this astonishing culture both with our great tastes and of course with our royal service. And we are working very hard and we are so hopeful to have that opportunity being on your street with our next branch in order to serve to you to your children and to all we share this greatness.

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